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Buyers Puppy List

royal canin medium puppy.jpg

All puppies are:

- Vet Checked

- Microchipped

- First Vaccinations

- 28 Days Insurance

- Well Socialized with Adults, Older Children and Younger Children

- A folder with as much information as possible for new puppy buyers

- And of cause a life time suport 

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Heat Pads

All our puppies are used to central heating and heat pads, we like keeping our pups warm at all times as they can get cold and ill very quickly. 

we recommend the new owner to have a heat pad ready for puppy and to place the heat pad under the tray of the crate so puppy is safe and doesn't chew it but keeps nice and warm all night.

you can get all different type of heat pads but going by experience i would recommend a wipeable heat pad (like in photo) or a metal whelping heat pad. these are easy to clean and as it's not a fabric it won't hold the bacteria 




We recommend crate training all puppies for the best start to toilet training and for their safety when unattended for short period of times or over night. 

We have found by our experience and our puppy buyer experience that crate training your puppy from day one up till 6 to 12 month of age really does benefit your pup and help teach them to hold longer over night. 

Size crate for a cocker spaniel 30-34 inches 

we recommend a crate that has a top/roof so puppy doesn't try climbing out and getting his legs caught up. Please keep a collar off while they are in a crate to prevent any accidents from happening. 




I don't recommend puppies having any treats at a young age until they have settled for 6 to 8 weeks in their new home, it is really important for them to settle down fully and its even more important for the new puppy owner to learn there stool to know they have settled and if a treat was to upset them what it will look like afterwards

However i do recommend natural treats and avoid shop treats like "wags" "rawhide", treats like Yak, cheese yak, rabbit ears with hair, cow ears with hair are really good treats for your dogs.

cheese yak.jpg
rabbit ear.png
cow ear.jpg



Puppies love all toys and its our job to make sure they keep safe when playing with them. I prefer all tough toys co they cant chew it up and eat parts off it. 

I recommend toys like buffalo horns, Kong toys (make sure they not small as they will choke on them) plenty of tough bone toys.

Soft toys and rope are okay when you are with them, reason for this is puppies like to chew things and the rope or the stuffing can get all bung up inside the stomach. BUT with any toy please be care leaving your pup/dog unattended with them.

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kong toy.jpg
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